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The Bliss Series Boxed Set: The Whole Damn Harem Only 99c!!!

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Blurb: All five books in the international bestselling Bliss erotic romantic comedy series by BJ Harvey together in one super-sized boxed set.

A series of interconnected standalones, the books focus around a group of twenty-somethings’ in Chicago. Think Sex in the City meets Friends with a side of drama, a lot of crazy humor, and romantic scenes that’ll have you swooning one minute and fanning yourself the next.


Temporary Bliss (Bliss #1) – Winner ‘Best Humor Romance’ 2014 Indie Romance Convention

A woman who has sworn off relationships but not off sex – with ‘three friends with benefits’ no less – meets a man who wants to be everything she needs.

True Bliss (Bliss #2)
A woman wanting her fairy tale ending goes online in her search for Mr Right, only to find that he’s been right under her nose all along.

Blissful Surrender (Bliss #3) 

An ice queen cop comes face to face with the only man she’s ever loved and finds that with age comes maturity, and skill.

Permanent Bliss (Bliss #3.5) 

The wedding nobody ever thought would happen between the two most suited Bliss characters (with all of the others along for the ride)

Finding Bliss (Bliss #4)

The dirty doctor finally meets his match having watch all of his friends settle down. He sets out to show the world there is more to him than his famous “WD” nickname and reputation.

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Free Book Spree for the Weekend!!


Welcome to the FREE BOOK SPREE! Aren’t we just fancy-shmancy with a cool rhyming name?
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Another sneak peek at Crave

I can’t resist sharing another excerpt from Crave, this time something a little fun and flirty. Callum and his well-spoken mouth could read me the dictionary and get my attention 😉 

“So it’s not just that I’m graciously accompanying you to this event then? It’s a first date?” I tease.

He pauses for a moment before I get my first glimpse of the real Callum Alexander.

“I wouldn’t want to mislead you, Lucia. This will definitely be a date. There will be small talk, awkward silences, and more than likely some inappropriate thoughts that we will want to verbalize but due to social convention, will refrain from doing so.” He lets that thought linger, pausing just long enough for his words to sink in to full effect. “I will pick you up from your door and will no doubt subtly peruse your body while politely commenting on how beautiful you look. We’ll walk the red carpet together, the palm of my hand resting in a socially acceptable position on your lower back before making our way to my company’s luxury suite where we will enjoy food and wine, both before, during, and after watching the game. Then, no doubt, I’ll accompany you home before giving you a polite, acceptable kiss on the cheek with promises to call you the next day. Does that sum up an acceptable first date?”

Hell. The clever and dirty thought provoking undertones in that speech has me wondering how deep this well of his runs while also considering how deep I can dive.

“It does, Mr. Alexander. However I would hope that instead of subtly perusing my body, you will make it painfully obvious exactly what you are doing or hoping to do as your eyes travel the length of me, taking note of particular points of interest. After which we’ll walk along the red carpet, your warm palm resting at what I would hope to be an un-gentlemanly height on my lower back while the press will undoubtedly ask who you are doing and what you are wearing. After that enlightening experience, we’ll make our way inside and share food and wine and both appropriate and inappropriate conversation. When the date is over, I hope you will then choose to accompany me to my door, and then it will be up to you whether you end the date with a soft, acceptable kiss on my cheek or with something more real, something honest, a true reflection of your feelings after what I hope to be a very memorable first date.”

I’m met with silence again. Maybe I overstepped the mark. But if he wanted a meek, mild mannered fan-girl, he’s come to the wrong place.

“You’re one of a kind, Lucia,” he replies.

“I’m glad you think so. Unfortunately, I’m not of the giggling, hair-flipping, worshipping variety of date. If that is what you’re looking for, you’ll be sorely mistaken and very much disappointed.”

Make sure you add Crave to your TBR and if you haven’t read it already, head over to Wattpad to read the first chapter.

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Finding Bliss (Bliss #4 and Last in Series) is now LIVE!!

Title: Finding Bliss
Series: Bliss #4
Author: BJ Harvey
Release Date: June 16, 2015

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The End of an Era

They call me the walking dildo.

Gratifying? Yes.

Something my mother would be proud of? Hell no!

Watching my best friend and my old friend-with-benefits blissfully walk down the aisle has just reiterated the fact that I’m thirty and perpetually single.

I thought I’d found the woman I wanted to spend my life with, you have to open your eyes to realize that it’s never gonna happen.

Funny how meeting the right person can finally make you see sense.

My name is Noah Taylor: kickass trauma surgeon, closet idealist, wishful thinker, and all round cocky asshole, and this is the year my life will change for the better.

*Disclaimer: This book features hot sex, filthy language, misuse of on-call rooms and the overdue redemption of the fake orgasm*

 Also Available
#1 Temporary Bliss


#2 True Bliss
#3 Blissful Surrender



#3.5 Permanent Bliss


“I got a text from Dan warning me that you might be a little drunk.”

“I’m a lot drunk, but that’s not the point. I’m not sure I can be with you anymore.”

He freezes mid step, and turns to face me at the same time as swinging my body around to meet his, chest to chest. “Say that again. I think you lost me.”

Because I’m drunk and although— in my mind — I’m telling myself that I deserve a lifetime of orgasms and I need to break up with him, I wind my arms around his neck and pull myself hard against him. His hands drop to my hips and hold me hostage as his eyes bore down into mine, obviously waiting for me to explain. “See, we got talking and Mac said she had to fake an orgasm with you, and I can’t live without orgasms. I like having orgasms. They’re fun and good for me, and they make me a very happy girl, so I need to have orgasms and if you’re just giving me your A game to lure me in and then you’re going to switch to your C or D game soon, which would suck—although Kate said the C game can be fun if you do it right . . . anyway, I need you to promise me a life full of lots and lots of orgasms or else I can’t go out with you anymore.”

Then I’m stopped by his lips hitting mine, his tongue delving into my mouth when it opens on a gasp of shock. He takes his time, he does the job right, and when he pulls back and nuzzles my neck, I’ve sagged against him and my hands are gripping into the back of his head as if my whole life depends on it.

“Are you going to start back up again, or do I need to put something in your mouth to stop you from spouting this shit?”

“It’s not shit. I need org—” He cups my jaw and kisses me long and deep, and with lots of effort on his part, and mine once I get past the shock of him shutting me up with his mouth for the second time in as many minutes.
“Now that we’ve established that you’re not breaking up with me, or going anywhere else other than my bed right now, can I take you inside so I can show you every trick I have in the book? And I’m gonna keep going until you get it through that drunken head of yours that you’re never going to have to fake an orgasm with me, now or ever.”

 Author Bio
BJ Harvey is the International Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She writes contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense.

An avid music fan, you will always find her with headphones on while writing, and the speakers blaring the rest of the time. She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls, and when she’s not writing – she’s reading.

BJ resides with her family in what she considers the best country in the world—New Zealand. She describes her writing as a little swoon, a lot of heat, a bit of drama and a whole lot of love.

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