I can’t resist sharing another excerpt from Crave, this time something a little fun and flirty. Callum and his well-spoken mouth could read me the dictionary and get my attention 😉 

“So it’s not just that I’m graciously accompanying you to this event then? It’s a first date?” I tease.

He pauses for a moment before I get my first glimpse of the real Callum Alexander.

“I wouldn’t want to mislead you, Lucia. This will definitely be a date. There will be small talk, awkward silences, and more than likely some inappropriate thoughts that we will want to verbalize but due to social convention, will refrain from doing so.” He lets that thought linger, pausing just long enough for his words to sink in to full effect. “I will pick you up from your door and will no doubt subtly peruse your body while politely commenting on how beautiful you look. We’ll walk the red carpet together, the palm of my hand resting in a socially acceptable position on your lower back before making our way to my company’s luxury suite where we will enjoy food and wine, both before, during, and after watching the game. Then, no doubt, I’ll accompany you home before giving you a polite, acceptable kiss on the cheek with promises to call you the next day. Does that sum up an acceptable first date?”

Hell. The clever and dirty thought provoking undertones in that speech has me wondering how deep this well of his runs while also considering how deep I can dive.

“It does, Mr. Alexander. However I would hope that instead of subtly perusing my body, you will make it painfully obvious exactly what you are doing or hoping to do as your eyes travel the length of me, taking note of particular points of interest. After which we’ll walk along the red carpet, your warm palm resting at what I would hope to be an un-gentlemanly height on my lower back while the press will undoubtedly ask who you are doing and what you are wearing. After that enlightening experience, we’ll make our way inside and share food and wine and both appropriate and inappropriate conversation. When the date is over, I hope you will then choose to accompany me to my door, and then it will be up to you whether you end the date with a soft, acceptable kiss on my cheek or with something more real, something honest, a true reflection of your feelings after what I hope to be a very memorable first date.”

I’m met with silence again. Maybe I overstepped the mark. But if he wanted a meek, mild mannered fan-girl, he’s come to the wrong place.

“You’re one of a kind, Lucia,” he replies.

“I’m glad you think so. Unfortunately, I’m not of the giggling, hair-flipping, worshipping variety of date. If that is what you’re looking for, you’ll be sorely mistaken and very much disappointed.”

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