Bliss Series

Temporary Bliss (Bliss #1)—Mac and Daniel
True Bliss (Bliss #2)—Kate and Zander
Reclaiming Bliss (Bliss #3)—Sean and Sam *formerly Blissful Surrender*
Permanent Bliss (Bliss #4)— Mac & Daniel’s Wedding
Finding Bliss (Bliss #5)—Noah and Zoe
Building Bliss (Bliss #6. Formerly Game Player)—Matt and Mia
Secret Bliss (Bliss #7. Formerly Game Maker) —Zack and Danika
Faking Bliss (Bliss #8. Formerly Game Saver) —Cade and Abi
Seeking Bliss (Bliss #9. Formerly Game Ender) —Thomas and Amy
Promising Bliss (Bliss #10. Formerly Game Breaker) —Cameron and Sarah
Beautiful Bliss (Bliss #11. Formerly Game Planner) —Jase and Natalie


Cook Brothers Series

(Game series spin-off) – House Flipping Rom Coms
Work in Progress — Jamie and April
Work Violation — Jax and Ronnie
Working Back — Bryant and Faith
Hard Work — Cohen and Skye
Working For It — Ezra and Gilly


Chicago First Responders

(Cook Brothers spin-off)
Show Stopper — Marco and Renee
Life Changer — Rhodes and Delilah
Miracle Worker — Gio and Alex
Rule Bender — Luca and London


Holiday Romance

Stranded (Christmas novella with Bliss connection)


Contemporary Romance

Chances Series

(Interconnected standalones but best read in order)
One Shot (Chances #1)
Second Chance (Chances #2)
Third Strike (Chances #3)


Truth & Love Series

Truth & Lies (Book 1)
Love & Consequences (Book 2)


Romantic Suspense

Crave (Standalone)