I’m still blown away by all of the love Lost in Distraction has been getting. I hope you’ve all loved Brax and Elle (and Shay) as much as I do.

I’m busy writing Lost & Found – You can find the blurb at the end of Lost in Distraction or here

Lost and Found will be the final book in the Lost series, and will give you all of the answers to those unanswered questions from book 1.

I’m also writing my new contemporary romance/erotica book called Temporary Bliss, inspired by this awesome song by The Cab (one of my new favorite bands)

Temporary Bliss on Goodreads

This will be book #1 of a new series (each book will be a standalone though) called Bliss of which there will be four books in total.

But please be assured, Lost & Found is well under way and it will be released before you know it 🙂