1. Keeping a series bible is super helpful, time saving, and saves you from having to go back to check what color your character’s eyes are.

2. Outlining can actually help – in whatever form it comes in. Do what works best for you. Try new ways, retry old ways, create your own.

3. Covers that were so cool years ago can always be refreshed, rebranded, reimagined.

4. Beta readers should never be “yes” people. They should be “why” people, “what if…” people, and definitely “this doesn’t work” people.

5. Fellow authors are not your competitors.

6. Coffee and energy drinks are your friend close to deadline.

7. Build your own readership. Don’t buy or use other author’s mailing lists. End of.

8. Sprinting can help get you motivated to keep writing.

9. You can write in order, or out of sequence, the important thing is to write.

10. If the words don’t work, you are allowed to delete them and try again.

11. Remember those who were there at the start.

12. Always be approachable. You are a brand, whether it be online, in an email, in person at signing, even the elevator of the hotel after a signing.

13. Even if you think you can design your.own cover, really think hard about it. There are so many options now and as good as picmonkey is, it’s not for covers I promise you.

14. Know your tribe. Surround yourself with people who have your back as much as you have their’s.

15. Brace yourself, this is gonna be a doozy… You do not need to bankrupt yourself to publish a book.

16. Nobody owes you anything. Like seriously, nothing. Readers choose to buy your books. Fellow authors choose to read and promote you. Bloggers definitely don’t have to review your books. Make them want to. Make your cover and blurb irresistible to them. Make your words so compelling they can’t resist buying your books.

17. Last, never forget why you do this. Write for you, write for your character’s, write to get those ten million little story ideas out of your head but always remember why you do it.

Bonus – The day you’re not nervous about releasing a book is the day you need a reality check.

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