Exclusive Sneak Peek – Chapter 1 of Game Ender (Game #4) Releasing 17th April!!

Game Ender (Game #4) releases April 17 and is an interconnected standalone so can totally be read without any previous reading. 


Chapter 1 – Thomas
There are certain things that are guaranteed to get any man—macho or not—to the doctor. Anything wrong with appendages located in the very important area between the hips down to mid-thigh will always warrant immediate action. The slight burning sensation from my morning leak that turned into a stream of fire by mid-afternoon definitely fell into that category so with a call to my best friend Cade, I leave the office, telling my secretary that I had an urgent meeting come up and would be gone for the rest of the day. A short drive later, I quickly make my way into the ER of Northwestern Hospital where Cade works as a doctor, and walked to the reception desk. “I’m here to see Cade Carsen.” “Sir, you’ll need to fill out this form and take a seat,” the receptionist says, holding out a clipboard to me. “You don’t understand,” I reply, my heart rate spiking as I take a quick cursory glance at the filled chairs behind me, the air becoming stifling with bacteria and germs that I swear are launching an attack on my immune system with every breath I take. I turn my attention back to the now scowling—actually downright scary—desk clerk. “Cade’s my roommate, best friend actually. Can you please page him? He’s expecting me.” She scrutinizes me, her eyes scanning down my body and back up again. “Riiiiight,” she replies skeptically, like every second person tries that excuse to avoid exposure to the waiting room petri dish. “Thomas?” the most welcome voice in the world says, using my nickname that only a select few use. I turn around to see the wife of another of my best friends, Mac, standing beside me, an orange Chicago Bears hoodie covering up her scrubs. “Everything okay?” I release a huge sigh of relief, my future health and life expectancy thanking the heavens for this serendipitous stroke of luck. “Hey, I’m here to see Cade. He’s expecting me but the lovely desk clerk here has obviously heard this story a million times and doesn’t believe me.” She bursts out laughing before turning toward the desk and leaning over it. “Hey Nancy, I can vouch for this miscreant. I can take him through to Dr. Carsen.” Nancy eyes me suspiciously, pursing her thin lips as she looks me up and down then nods her permission to Mac. What am I, chopped fucking liver? “Have a nice day, Nancy,” I say with a saccharine sweet smile on my face, knowing that I probably shouldn’t come here if I ever need emergency medical attention. Mac giggles beside me, making tut-tut sounds and drawing my attention. “What?” I ask innocently. She smirks at me. “You know what, Mr. Charming.” “Obviously didn’t work with Nancy.” “Nancy is just used to people’s bullshit. She sees people like you trying to cut in line every day, all day.” “I wasn’t trying to—” She snorts and quirks a brow at me, it’s such a ‘mom’ look that I can’t help but grin down at her as she swipes the ID card hanging off her neck across a keypad, gaining access through to the ER and leading me through the double doors. “Does that work on Danny boy?” I ask, betting everything I own that it does. “Why do you think he’s always smiling?” she says and it’s then I want to high five my friend Daniel for finding—and nailing down permanently—the woman beside me. “So why are you braving the ER center when you could just see Cade tonight at Poker?” I falter—just for a second—and eagle-eye Mac doesn’t miss it. We come to a stop outside a door labeled ‘Doctors’ Lounge’ and she turns to face me. “Is this a professional visit? You can tell me, I can’t tell anyone. Call it patient—sexy nurse confidentiality,” she says with a wink. I look her up and down and shake my head with a grin playing on my lips. “Sorry, love, unless I get the full naughty nurse treatment, short dress, garters, stockings and heels, no deal.” She pouts and play punches me. “Sorry, bruiser. Only superheroes get that kind of special treatment.” “I’ve got some latent super powers. They’re activated when you—” “Thomas,” Cade says, his voice an amused warning as he comes to a stop in front of us. “Are you coming on to the nurses again?” “Unfortunately for us, we missed the boat with this one. She’s well and truly off the market.” Cade snorts. “You’d hope so considering she married Dan how many years ago now?” “Five? No wait . . .” Mac holds out her hand, biting her lip as she counts her fingers. “Oh, I don’t know, a while.” We all laugh at that, Mac’s cheeks going uncharacteristically pink. “I think Dan must be losing his touch if you can’t remember those kind of details.” “Or else the three kidlets are stopping any kind of touching at all,” I retort. “On that note, I’ll love and leave you,” Mac announces, leaning forward and giving us both a kiss on the cheek before waving and walking away. “Shall we?” Cade asks, sweeping an arm toward the short corridor. “Lead the way.” “So . . . what’s the emergency?” He says as soon as the consultation room door closes behind us. I turn toward him, my heart pounding in my chest. But this is Cade, my best friend. He’s probably seen and heard it all. I know for a fact he’s seen more blood and gore than anyone should ever see. Struggling to find the words, I take a slow, calming deep breath. This is my trip on the downtown inferno train. It’s not like I’ve ever gone through something like this before, and I hope to Christ I never have to go through it again. “First, you’ve gotta swear on your life that you will not breathe a word of this to anyone.” His lips twitch and he lifts an eyebrow at me. “So it involves your dick then?” My eyes widen, fuck knows why. It’s not like it wouldn’t be my junk and I know it is my junk, but for some reason, hearing him say it like that irks me. “What makes you say that?” I ask like an idiot considering I called him just an hour ago and told him I was coming to see him and needed his professional opinion. All that aside, he’s going to need to know that my problem is with my most prized body part in order to give me whatever pills, injections, or bleach treatment required,. “I think I’ve caught something.” “Something?” “An STD.” And just like that Cade’s amused look vanishes in an instant and it’s in this moment that I love the man because he’s suddenly all business. Most other guys would take the opportunity to rib me about the correct use of condoms or—if it were Matt Taylor, one of my best friend’s brothers—tell me to do a damn scratch and sniff test next time. Man hands go to my belt and I start to unzip my fly. “Wait!” he says quickly. “Before you flop it out and show me far too much of yourself. What are your symptoms?” My hands still and my eyes back up to his. “Ah . . .” “Thomas, I can’t treat you unless I know what we’re looking at.” “It burns when I . . .” Fuck, why am I suddenly embarrassed about this shit. Because it’s fucking mortifying. I clear my throat. “It burns when I take a piss and there’s this weird stuff coming out—” “Right,” he says quickly. “Now we’re getting somewhere. When did you first notice that something was wrong?” He tilts his head toward the hospital bed and I move that way, undoing my pants before sitting down on the gurney. “Maybe a week ago. It was just a niggle, like something wasn’t right but I went to the men’s room at lunch and knew something was wrong. So here I am.” “Good decision,” he says, walking over to stand beside the bed, leaning over to pull some gloves from the dispenser on the wall. “Show me the problem.” He doesn’t show anything other than a perfect bedside manner as I pull down my underwear and show him my dick. Things you never imagine having to show your best friend, check. “You’ve got a sexually transmitted infection. I’ll need a urine sample to confirm, though,” he announces matter-of-factly and having finished examining my junk, steps back and pulls off the offending rubber gloves. “Can’t you just give me a shot?” His responding snort is the only crack in his professional demeanor. “I’m doing a full screen for STDs and you’re honestly thinking that I can clear it up with a shot?” He’s right of course, but seriously, why hasn’t someone invented that already? Burning sensation when you pee? Have a shot of ‘VD-be-gone.’ Weird ‘stuff’ coming out of places it shouldn’t? Bend over and one little prick will clear it right up. “Will it go back to normal?” I ask irrationally, knowing it’s an STD and not castration but a man can never be too sure of these things. I’ve watched those Sex Sent Me to the ER programs, I know that weird things can happen. He chuckles and smirks. “Yes, Thomas. You’ll lose the STD tag but the drugs won’t make it any bigger.” Fucking smart ass. “Thanks. I think I’m covered in that department, Carsen.” “So the Swedish Cock Pump I found in the guest room must’ve been yours.” “You’re hilarious. If this doctor thing doesn’t work out, you should think about stand up.” “I’ll take that under advisement.” “Seriously though?” I ask, all humor gone for the moment. He steps forward and claps me on the arm. “Finish the antibiotics I’m going to prescribe you, and once we know what you’re dealing with, you’ll just need to come back in and get retested in three months. And if I were you, I’d sit down and make a list of everyone who even looked at your cock recently.” “How recent?” “It can’t be that big a list, surely?” My silence speaks volumes—to the both of us—and the fact that I even have to think about it is a blinding smack in the face. “You also can’t have sex until you’re clear. Public health and all that,” Cade says flippantly. “Even a party for one?” I ask, partly joking but seriously hoping he’s not going to rule out Mrs. Palmer fun. He struggles to hold back a grin. “You can’t infect your hand—or the penis pump—so you’re fine. But maybe this can be a lesson to you.” “To wrap it before I slap it?” He winces and I swear his thighs tense on autopilot. “Can’t believe you didn’t. Safe Sex 101.” “It was just once . . .” “Well at least you know when you got it . . . right?” he says with an obvious sound of relief. I suddenly feel embarrassed about my recent Laissez-faire approach to sex and women. “One girl I’ve seen twice, a few months apart . . .” “Thomas . . .” he growls. “Both times without protection?” I nod, feeling his recrimination deep in my bones. “So I’m guessing I need to tell the women in between now?” “That’s my professional instruction, yes.” Shit. That might be a long-ish list considering there were three months in between visits with said ‘one-time thing.’ “Ever thought of keeping it in your pants for a while?” he says ironically, considering he’s been my wingman more times than I’ve had hot dinners. “The last time I did that was when I was a teenager.” “And look where you are now. I’m so proud,” he says, wiping a fake tear away. This is no longer my doctor speaking, this is my best friend of fifteen years. “Says the man who’s now getting it regularly from his former mother-buffer friend with benefits.” “Who I wasted ten months not being with because I thought it was just a one-time thing,” he retorts. “And I would give up everything to make up that time now that I know what I’ve got with Abi.” Cade and Abi got together a year ago then again a few months ago. Now that they’re together–as in full relationship with a lot of benefits that I have to hear far too regularly–I can’t imagine them ever not being together. They’re just that perfect for one another. “I just haven’t found the right woman. You snatched her off the market before I could even introduce myself,” I tease. “You’re a funny guy.” “A funny guy with an STD.” “Let’s see what the tests come back with and we’ll go from there.” “That’s it. I’m never having sex again.” I reach down and gently cup my crotch. “It’s okay buddy, we’ll get you all fixed up and happy again.” Cade quirks a brow at me, his expression one of ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ “You need a girl–no, a woman–to knock you on your ass and make you want to change your ways.” “Like there’s even a woman out there who’d ever make me want to do that.” “Prove it.” “What?” “Prove it. No more casual sex, definitely no unsafe sex, and hold out for the right woman.” I don’t answer straight away, giving his suggestion the respect it deserves, because what harm can it do. Right now, sex is so far from my mind, what harm is a little abstinence going to cause? “Care to make it worth my while?” He barks out a laugh, shaking his head at me. “Only you would bet on your sex life.” I shoot him a grin. “What can I say, I value the future happiness of my cock very highly.” “Obviously,” he muses. “I bet you can’t hold out.” “Why would I?” “Just try it. You might surprise yourself.” “You don’t think I can do it, do you?” I ask, not sure how I’m feeling about the lack of faith Cade has in me. “Nope. I give it a month, or the first hot redhead to look your way. Whatever comes first.” “The woman always comes first, Doctor Carsen. Have I taught you nothing?” He steps toward me and holds his arm out. “I bet you can’t hold out.” I grasp hold of his hand, looking him dead straight in the eye. “I’m telling you, the next woman I take to bed will be the one.” His head jerks back and his eyes grow wide. “That’s a big call, Caldwell.” “I’m sick of fucking around. Look where and what it got me.” “So abstinence makes the heart grow fonder?” he asks, a smile playing on his lips. “Or the cock grow harder.” “Probably both,” he says, full out grinning now. “You sure about this?” “Yep.” The more I think about it, the surer I actually am. If I’ve learned anything from this, it’s that it’s high time I had a mid-thirties life overhaul. With the decision made, it’s then that I make my vow to Cade. “I swear to you, on our friendship and my future happiness, the next woman that gets me, will be the one that gets me and only me.” And blue balls and wet dreams be damned, I’m going to damn well stick to it.


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Seventeen things I’ve learned after publishing seventeen books

1. Keeping a series bible is super helpful, time saving, and saves you from having to go back to check what color your character’s eyes are.

2. Outlining can actually help – in whatever form it comes in. Do what works best for you. Try new ways, retry old ways, create your own.

3. Covers that were so cool years ago can always be refreshed, rebranded, reimagined.

4. Beta readers should never be “yes” people. They should be “why” people, “what if…” people, and definitely “this doesn’t work” people.

5. Fellow authors are not your competitors.

6. Coffee and energy drinks are your friend close to deadline.

7. Build your own readership. Don’t buy or use other author’s mailing lists. End of.

8. Sprinting can help get you motivated to keep writing.

9. You can write in order, or out of sequence, the important thing is to write.

10. If the words don’t work, you are allowed to delete them and try again.

11. Remember those who were there at the start.

12. Always be approachable. You are a brand, whether it be online, in an email, in person at signing, even the elevator of the hotel after a signing.

13. Even if you think you can design your.own cover, really think hard about it. There are so many options now and as good as picmonkey is, it’s not for covers I promise you.

14. Know your tribe. Surround yourself with people who have your back as much as you have their’s.

15. Brace yourself, this is gonna be a doozy… You do not need to bankrupt yourself to publish a book.

16. Nobody owes you anything. Like seriously, nothing. Readers choose to buy your books. Fellow authors choose to read and promote you. Bloggers definitely don’t have to review your books. Make them want to. Make your cover and blurb irresistible to them. Make your words so compelling they can’t resist buying your books.

17. Last, never forget why you do this. Write for you, write for your character’s, write to get those ten million little story ideas out of your head but always remember why you do it.

Bonus – The day you’re not nervous about releasing a book is the day you need a reality check.

Book #17 – Game Ender – releases on April 17th and is available for pre-order now on all platforms

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Game Ender (Game #4) Cover Reveal and Pre-Order!!

Title: Game Ender
Series: Game Series #4 – The series finale
Author: BJ Harvey
Genre: Romantic Comedy with Heat
Release Date: April 17, 2017
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs

From USA Today bestselling author BJ Harvey comes the fourth and final book in the Game series and this time it’s the reformed playboy and the single mom.


“You have chlamydia.” 

Three words no man wants to hear.

I’ve always been liberal with my appreciation of the female form, a firm believer in the ‘try before you buy’ principle, but living life to the fullest obviously didn’t end well for me considering the unexpected—and very unwelcome—consequence of my free and easy past. 

After living through the horrendous experience that was informing my recent sexual partners of my acquired ‘condition,’ I made a vow to myself – and a bet with my best friend—that the next woman I sleep with will be the ‘one.’

What I will learn is that even when something happens and the games come to an end, there’s always the chance of something—or someone—crashing in and changing everything. 
So this is my story. It may start with a venereal disease, but I promise you, I’m determined to get my happy ending.

“Mommy?” Rose asks, standing next to Kate and tugging on her top. 
Kate takes a sip of wine before looking down at her daughter with a smile on her face. “Yeah, princess?”
“What’s an ortasm?” 
Wine shoots out of Kate’s mouth, as she chokes. The rest of us either gasp, snort, or in Mac’s case, cackle with laughter.
Noah and Zoe’s Nate, never one to miss out on being the center of attention, decides to wade in with his five-year old wisdom. “I have a penith,” he says, before pulling down his pants to prove the fact.
“Oh God, I can’t breathe,” Abi wheezes, bent over in her chair and laughing like a loon.
“Daddy says that he’ll cut off any boy’s penis that touches me,” Megan, Sean and Sam’s gorgeous nine-year old daughter, informs the group.
“He’d be right, pumpkin,” Sam replies, pursing her lips and not looking at all surprised by her daughter’s announcement. 
“I’m so glad Riley can’t hear us. You don’t want to know the things she comes out with,” Mac adds just as Riley appears beside her. “Shit,” she mutters.
“Daddy told me I’m not allowed to talk about penises. But if you can then I can too.”
“Riley, this is adult conversation.”
“But you said adults have toys, like when I found a huge plastic penis in that red box at the back of your closet and you told me it was a paperweight.” 
Mac’s face goes red, and her lips twitch. “Ah . . . yeah.”
“You told me it was a paperweight.”
“That’s because it was, honey.”
“That’s good, because I put it on Daddy’s desk in his office this morning. You shouldn’t hide things like that.”
The rest of the group struggles to stifle their laughter but somehow Mac powers through it. “I told you about going into my closet, missy.”
Riley shrugs, her hand darting out to grab a handful of potato crisps from the bowl in the middle of the table. “I was looking for the chicken.”
We all go silent, waiting for the penny to drop. 
Mac’s head jerks back. “What?”
“Oh no. I’m not sure I want to know where this is going . . .” Abi says quietly beside us
“I heard you say you wanted Daddy’s cock.” Riley turns to her mother and narrows her eyes, her hands moving to her hips as she takes a hilarious—and very indignant—pose. “And I couldn’t find a chicken in your room so I looked in the closet. You shouldn’t hide Daddy’s cock. It’s mean for Daddy to keep a chicken inside.” 
“Ah . . .” Mac wide eyes move to Kate. 
“Riley,” Kate says, her voice full of humor. “I think you should go ask your Daddy about his chicken. Make sure you do it so that all of the uncles can hear too. I bet they’ll love to hear about the chicken.”
“I think I will,” she states with a firm nod before turning on her heels and leaving the room in search of her father. 
Mac can do nothing but shake her head. “I swear to God that child is not mine.”
BJ Harvey is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She also regards herself as a smut peddler, suspense conjurer and a funny romance thinker upper.

An avid music fan, you will always find her singing some hit song badly but loving every minute of it.

She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls, and hails from what she considers as the best country in the world—New Zealand.


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Paying it Forward – Cheap or Free and VERY Easy Graphic Options for Authors & Bloggers

I’ve wanted to write this blog post for a while now.

See, almost four years into this writing gig and I’ve learned some things… okay, a LOT of things, I’ve made mistakes – who hasn’t – and I cringe at what I’ve done in the early days in regards to graphics, but I wanted to share with writers – new and old – what I have learned about graphics, teasers, FB ads and the like. And I’m all about sharing what I’ve learned and paying it forward. Because let’s face it, we all started somewhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve sold tem books or a million, we all started at the same place.

So let’s get started 🙂

This was one of my early teaser attempts posted on Facebook 4 years ago;

See what I mean! It looks like it was made in MS Word aka 2007.

Firstly, let’s get a disclaimer out of the way. I am in no way an expert. I make mistakes as much as the next guy… or girl. This industry is trial and error. Marketing, promotion, what works and what doesn’t, we all learn my TRYING, but also by sharing what we’ve learned. What I hope you get from this post is that there are so many free – yes I said FREE – applications and websites out there that can be used to make cheap – or FREE — promotional material for your books.
Look, I get – and fully support the fact – that everyone has their own way of doing things and I’m a huge believer in being unique, staying your own path, and doing your own thing. People love things that are different (okay, maybe they do still like billionaires and bears but… yeah, let’s leave it at that,) but please keep reading for some useful websites I have found for graphics, teasers, free design stuff and the like.

So this is my FAVORITE site at the moment – https://app.designfeed.io/

You put in a quote, you put in the name of the book and the author name, you can also upload a stock photo you’ve purchased to use then you push ‘create it’ and it does! You’re taken to a screen with lots of different suggested fonts, placements, designs.

The best thing about this site is that once you’re done, it gives you the graphic in the major social media sizes. All that’s left to do is download and you’re done!

Two examples I have made are these two beauties;


This website is awesome for people with some design knowledge but who don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator etc. They also have overlays you can add to your image, frames to wrap around your graphics, and you can also add your own overlays to designs too. Another bonus is the big selection of fonts that can be used OR it allows you to access your own fonts from your computer.

Here is one graphic I made on the site;

– For free fonts, graphics, templates, mock ups etc., make sure you subscribe to Creative Market
https://creativemarket.com. Every week they have six new free goodies that you can download.

– Lastly, https://www.canva.com is an amazing website with both free and paid features. Most useful is their predesigned – and pre-sized – templates for all the different social media specifications and sites.

Here’s an example of a Canva design I’ve made.

Now, if all else fails and you’re still needing help, there are a number of designers you can pay to make teasers for you – and they won’t cost an arm and a leg and the promise of your first born, I promise!

Tease Me Designs – https://www.facebook.com/TeaseMeDesigns
IndieSage PR – https://www.facebook.com/indiesagepr

Other websites to check out;
http://www.hungryjpeg.com – awesome font bundles
http://www.appsumo.com – watch out for their once a year DepositPhotos deal to stock up on stock photos
http://www.canstockphoto.com – cheap stock photos available for purchase.

I hope this helps someone – even just one person – and you go on to make amazingly beautiful graphics to promote your work. If you have any other sites that you’ve find useful, please comment below.

P.S. Number one rule – always, always use stock photos you have purchased.

P.P.S. Sarah Robinson has an awesome blog post series going on right now featuring Indie authors and mistake they’ve made along the way. It’s well worth checking out HERE

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Crave’s Brand New Cover & 99c Sale

Title: Crave
Author: BJ Harvey
Genre: Romantic Suspense Standalone
Cover Designed by: Najla Qamber Designs
Back Cover Image Photography: K Keeton Designs
Back Cover Models: Storm Bailey and Cameo Hopper


“BJ Harvey is an author that creates stories that are easy to fall in love with.” – Goodreads Reviewer

“This is not our normal BJ Harvey read, this is more suspenseful and a little darker but we still have that trademark BJ Harvey heat. This book was full of suspense and intrigue, secrets and forgiveness. A book full of plot twists that will have your mouth gaping and heart palpitating. A fair few OMG moments and a few tears but most of all a rollercoaster ride that I just couldn’t put down.” – The Romance Cover

I have a craving.
A dark urge I’ve failed to resist despite years of trying to do that very thing. 
I’ve forced myself to hide behind a mask, a perfect orchestration to hide my true self. 
After I met her, my wants and needs, my inner most desires changed. 
She encouraged me to embrace who I truly am, and she was willing to do anything and everything I wanted, giving herself to satisfy my most carnal appetite. 

Then everything in my carefully managed world came crashing down around me. A moment in time, a loss of control, and the very thing I cherish was nearly taken from me. 

My fate now lies in her hands. 
The very life I’ve built for myself…everything I’ve ever done now waits in purgatory, all caused by a lack of focus at a time when my most concentrated attention was needed. 
The very thing I crave may now be the end of me.
“How do you do it?”
“Do what?” She trails off as my face moves in closer, my body putting aside any misgivings I may have had.
“Make me want this. Make me want you.” I sound drunk.
The effect this woman has on me intensifies the closer we get. “Do you need your arm twisted?” I decide then and there to just go with it. Follow my instincts and see how she reacts to the real Callum Alexander. “When it comes to you, I’m a done deal.”
“Prove it.”
“Luce . . .” I say her name, loving the way it rolls off my tongue. The way her eyes soften and the corner of her mouth curls upward are an added bonus.
“Yeah, Cal.”
“Shut up and kiss me.”
“Why don’t you shut up and kiss me?”
So I do, lowering my head and dragging my tongue along the seam of her lipstick-covered lips. I rake my hands through her hair, tugging just to the point of pain before plunging my tongue into her mouth, tasting and taking, touching every part of her from shoulders to hips. I push forward and feel her body jolt as she hits the wall.
Then it’s no holds barred. The kiss turns from wild to rabid in the blink of an eye. Her hands snake under my shirt, her fingernails biting into my chest as I press my body hard against hers. My cock is incessant in its protest, and every tilt of her hips against mine increases the need to take her right there in my hallway.
Minutes pass, but it feels like seconds because we’re too lost in each other to care. I wrench my lips from her mouth and lean my forehead against hers, my breath coming hard and fast, matching hers as we try to recover.
“I think it’s time for dinner,” I murmur between breaths, amazed that I’m still able to think coherently after a welcome like that.
“You’re a great date, Mr. Alexander,” she says with a grin as we move apart.
“All part of the service,”
BJ Harvey is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She also regards herself as a smut peddler, suspense conjurer and a funny romance thinker upper. 

An avid music fan, you will always find her singing some hit song badly but loving every minute of it. 

She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls, and hails from what she considers as the best country in the world—New Zealand.

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