Exactly 12 months ago I had a scene in my head that I HAD to write down. I was listening to Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran and was struck with an image of piercing blue eyes haunting someone after they’d left suddenly and without warning. I put myself in the woman’s shoes, imagining what it would feel like to have the love of your life disappear in the middle of the night without saying goodbye, without anything being wrong. 

And so, the prologue for Lost in Distraction was written. I showed an author that I had been fan-girling over (literally), I said “I wrote something tonight and I’m kind of freaking out. But these characters won’t stop invading my mind.” She replied “Show me!” and with her urging, I kept writing.

Twenty days later, the first draft of Lost in Distraction was written and I’d typed “The End”.

Why am I telling you this? 12 months ago I could never have imagined that I would’ve written four books, published 280,000 words, made a lot of awesome friends, found a few new best friends on the opposite side of the world, and become an Amazon Bestselling author.

As for the next year? My main aim is to continue improving my writing. With every new release, I’m happiest not just when a reader tells me they loved my book, but even more so when I’m told that my writing is getting better and better.

So to celebrate, all of my books are now on sale on Amazon and B&N for $0.99c for one day only starting now.

Thank you for taking a chance, sticking by me, laughing, swooning, smiling, frowning, getting pissed off (both at and with me!), and crying with me.

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