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And now for the Sean aka Mr Dom teasers….


I shrug on my standard issue, CPD shirt over my black demi bra and lace panties, quickly checking my watch to make sure I’m still early. Our previous shower ten minutes ago had been a vigorous one, starting with Sean lifting me up, and wrapping my legs around his shoulders as he feasted between my legs, making me cry out his name before dropping my feet to the shower floor, hooking his arm under one knee and driving into me, making me come apart again before he took his fill. 

The problem was, I didn’t get to do what I wanted to do to him. 
Walking into Sean’s ensuite, my breath catches as I see the man in question standing in front of the bathroom sink with a hand on the edge, bracing himself as he runs his old school, double-edged razor along his rough jaw. Dressed in nothing but a white towel wrapped around his waist, he looks every inch the sexy man I know he is. Rivulets of water reflect in the light, and I try to find the restraint to stay away from him. 

But where Sean is concerned, restraint is not possible. 
I catch his eye in the mirror as I slowly walk up behind him. His green eyes darken as he reads the lust-filled expression on my face. Raising a brow, he silently questions my intent before turning to face me. 

“Sammy, what—”

I reach up and place a finger on his lips to silence him before leaning down and licking the irresistible drop off water off his pecs. I look back up and gently drag my finger down his body, making a trail as I drop to my knees in front of him. 

“You’re killing me here…”

“Not yet, but give me a minute and I’m sure I’ll come close.” 

*Subject to Change*