This is the first teaser from True Bliss (Bliss #2) 
Due for release early December 2013

(Unedited, unchanged, and uncensored – you’ve been warned!)
He stands at the end of the bed, his eyes full of hunger as he roams my naked body. From the tips of my toes he slowly rakes his eyes over me, the curve of my hips, the dip of my waist, my heavy aching breasts as they rise and fall quickly as the eroticism of the moment engulfs me. I’m panting with need, biting my lip to stop me begging him to take me.
“God you’re beautiful. You’re every man’s wet dream. I’ve dreamt of you like this, naked and waiting for me, wanting me. Open for me. In your bed.”
“Fuck” I moan, lifting my hands up to cup my breasts, my thumbs on each hand rubbing across my hard nipples sending delicious tingles straight down to my wet pussy.
“I plan to, and I’m gonna take my time. Because you deserve the world Kate. You deserve everything I have to give you and more.”
“Touch me, I need you to touch me.” I’m begging. I don’t care. My entire body is on fire and he’s the spark that has set me alight.
“Try and stop me firebird.”
Wait what? I shake my head, not wanting to lose the moment.
Then his large rough hands are on me. He puts a knee on the bed between my feet as he skims the inside of my calves, gently easing my calves apart further as he moves up my body.
As he dips his head down to rain kisses up my thighs, he looks up at me, his eyes look ravenous. “You’re so fucking beautiful. What did I do to deserve you.”
“So close…” I moan, increase the pressure on my aching nipples.
“You’re so hot. I wanna taste you, be inside you.”
“Yes!” I cry out as his tongue swipes my core, stopping at my throbbing clit which is begging for attention.

As if he can read my mind, he moves his fingers up, slowly pushing one then two inside of me, my pussy is so wet that he easily slips back and forward as his tongue circles my clit, before he wraps his lips around it and sucks hard, flicking back and forth. My hips buck up, forcing his fingers deeper into me as I moan loudly, relishing in the growing pressure deep within me dying to be released.