The blurb and cover reveal will be held very soon but this companion novella follows on from Temporary Bliss and True Bliss and leads into Finding Bliss (#4 – Dr Noah Taylor aka The Walking Dildo’s story). 

“Gorgeous, you have nothing to worry about.” Lesson number one to all males out there. Never ever tell a woman who is straddling the edge between insane and mildly unamused that she has ‘nothing to worry about’. It’s the kiss of death to any sexual favors you’d hoped for in the near future.

My hands go to my hips and I move into that stance. You know, the one that says you mean business and that most smart men recognize as a giant flashing neon sign that they fucked up, and bad. I reach over to the kitchen counter and grab my glass of wine. Lifting it to my mouth I take a slow measured sip as I will myself down from level ten to level five or at least something close. But not once do I take my eyes off Daniel who is leaning his ass up against the back of the couch, visibly squirming under my damning gaze.


Damn i’ve missed Mac and Superman  Let me know what you think.

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