Mac & Daniel are coming back! The Bliss Novella #3.5 will be released late Summer and the cover, name and exact release date will be reveals on Monday 30th June. 

To keep you going until then, here is a sneak peak of the book for Teaser Tuesday. Hope you enjoy it. 

“I’m going to have to make you pay for waking me up.”

I pull my mouth off him and turn my head to meet his gaze, running my tongue around the tip and watching as his head drops back against his pillow with a groan. 

“Making me come isn’t exactly a punishment, Superman”

He reaches over and grabs my hips, swinging them over his body so my knees are positioned on either side of his head. “Didn’t say how many times I’d do it, Mac. And besides, I’m starving and now I want breakfast in bed…”

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